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Ashton- He says this the day you guys start dating. There is a lot of pros and a lot of cons of dating a rock star, I am not planning on talking about all of them, but him being always busy while touring was a big con. Luke had kept the fact that he was dating you a secret though.

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Calum- When radio hosts were talking about how hot you were. Your eyes followed his every move as he sat down next to you and took your hands. The more I read the chapter the more tears was falling.

You were curled up underneath your duvet, clutching onto a pillow and pouting while you looked out the window, popular australian dating app staring at the bright moon that peeked out in between tree branches. And he sees the other boys all the time too. Stairs Another imagine with Luke. You had an enormous crush on him. Luke clutched tighter onto your hand.

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He sees you and instantly comes rushing to your side pulling you into his embrace, you melt in his arms, feeling so safe. While I was on tour, I realized that I actually love her, as more than a friend, and now I finally get to tell her in person. You owed Michael, Calum, and Luke big for helping you pull this off, they had stuck you into the venue tonight, and you were currently waiting anxiously backstage, still in uniform. You finally realized that you were happy now. You hold me tight and you make me spin around which makes me start to giggle and you did the same.

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He looked down at his fingers playing together, nodding. You pulled off the covers to reveal Harry and a blonde naked. It had been an hour or two since your fight with Calum. They were kinda sexy on him anyways. Calum was everything anyone could ask for.

You crept downstairs to see Harry dancing. Luke chuckled, bending down to lift the boy and then kissing his cheek. They were the lead in to big adventures and great new places.

Matt, say goodbye to mommy! His glare softened as he stared at you and his other hand fell down to your hip. To your great disappointment, you opened the door to Michael, standing desperately on your stoop.

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Before you and Michael had even gotten together, you and Ashton had been friends. Your hair is down cascading to your shoulders and you are proudly wearing your uniform. Calum walks up moments later with a bouquet of flowers, you glance at him wondering where on earth he had gotten them but he just grins.

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It was for publicity of course, as all his other relationships were. You giggled sadly, wiping the tear away with the pad of your thumb. When he finally go back to his speech, he says.

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You open the window and look at him standing there. He wished to see your smile and the sparkle in your bright eyes winking back at him. We keep talking and laughing a bit as we are used to and when I was about to take the first bite of my good-looking cheesecake he hold my hand and licks his lips before saying. You went to sleep and when you woke up the next day, you noticed Harry was gone. You pulled yourself off the swing, heading back to towards the street and shoving your hands in your pockets.

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You made a mental note to have Luke talk to the girls who had helped you and then returned your restless attention back to the door. Ashton supported you completely of course. Now that you were thinking rationally, you realized you were being kind of unreasonable.

Ashton had welcomed you into his home and you had yet to move out, nor did you think Ashton wanted you to. Even on your busiest day you would still call me to tell me you missed me. Are you cheating on me, Harry? It was also why you literally skipped to Ashton when he came through the door of your shared apartment, giving him a hug and a peck on the lips hello.

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  1. He just groaned in response, his voice muffled by your cushions.
  2. My Wattpad is Asteriasos if you wanna follow me there Byeeeee.
  3. So now you were walking on stage in curly black wig, oversized glasses, and a ridiculous scarf around your neck to conceal your identity.

We stayed at his place, as usual, every time we came to Australia there was no other way around, dating lutterworth we would stay with his family everytime. You looked to Harry who was taking in deep breaths. But something else happened over those four years. You and Luke had a date night recently and Camden had stayed with Calum for the evening.

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Ashton stared at her in awe for another moment before turning back to you, seemingly upset. This is going to be exciting! You fell in love watching Ashton cradle Matty in his arms, singing quietly to the sleeping baby.

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You actually liked her a lot. It was an accident though, also a failed try of getting laid that night. In an interview with Hello! You froze, norfolk uk dating sites that slut was cheating on Harry!

  • When I read the last line I become an emotional mess, crying and holding my old teddy bear in my arms.
  • The next day was really weird, he asks me to read what I have done and I gave it to him, he spend the entire day reading the chapters I wrote about him and all of our friends.
  • We never really talked before this morning and now he holds my hand and tries to calm me down.
  • My heart drops as I see this.

Just to see a smile on your face, I would do anything, even the craziest one. You guys knew exactly what to do because you had done it a million times before. When he called, the two of you chatted for a while, talking about tour and your life until Ashton heaved a sigh. You felt it truly captured the love you and Michael shared for each other as well as the music. You stared at his back for a moment, drinking and dating preview sliding up to sit on the couch and waiting for Michael to say something else.

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