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During a break in court, Arizona met Callie in the bathroom of the courthouse, where Callie was changing her pantyhose. Shortly thereafter, however, she discovers that O'Malley has been unfaithful, ending their marriage. At the hospital, Arizona and Callie found out they both made different costumes for Sofia. They combined their costumes, so Sofia dressed up as a space princess, matchmaking services bulgaria which was the first thing they agreed on in months.

Arizona Robbins

Arizona Robbins

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Arizona yelled back that Callie didn't lose anything, while she did, alluding to her amputation and her miscarriage. Callie didn't tell her because she knew Arizona would hate her and she wanted her to have someone to lean on. Callie yelled back that she did so to save Arizona's life. During the surgery, Leah complimented Arizona's technique, and Callie then apologized for having stated that Arizona wasn't a general surgeon. The mission controller is once again, John Jones, and Chloe Blake is his assistant, although it is revealed at the end of the mission that she is being promoted to a mission controller.

Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune was critical about the character's initial development. Lauren then asked to get coffee before the surgery, but Arizona said she had other things to do. Susie kills Joel and takes off with Brian, with Joel's money.

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  1. In this mission, his mission controllers are husband and wife Ewart and Zara Asker.
  2. They would joke about how they looked each other up on the internet and knew all about each other.
  3. She then coughed up blood again.
  4. After having heard about Penny through Callie's stories, it was finally time for Arizona to meet her at the dinner party at Meredith's house.
  5. On Bailey's first day as Chief, Arizona was confronted with Callie enthusiastically telling everyone but her about her fantastic new girlfriend.

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Arizona asked April what she did to make Leah so nice to her, and then vaguely remembered that she may have brought Leah home with her the night of the gala. Lauren and Kyle join him, and Zara Asker is mission controller, one of her last times in the role before becoming chairwoman. Lauren tried to come up with an excuse, about laws but Callie figured out what had happened. Arie dumped Becca because he still wanted Lauren.

Arizona made Callie promise that she would not cut her leg off and Callie agreed. However, at the end of the night, Arizona said she didn't want to pretend, because Eliza's nice and funny and people should know that. Join me, as I investigate who the windmill-hookup could be, because I absolutely must know immediately. That advice backfired heavily as it inspired Callie to decide to move to New York with Penny, and take Sofia with her. During a conversation with April, Arizona revealed that she and Leah took the flirtation further and had amazing sex.

Arizona thought it wasn't working, though Bailey fully supported Kenley's plans. Fire, World and Scargill were arrested, and Fort Harmony was eventually evacuated by police. While she was out in the woods, Alex left her a message to tell her that he chose to go to Hopkins to see if he was something without her around. Much to her discomfort, nobody was interested, so she took a tab of her own flyer to make other people interested.

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Following the death of Dr. Alex happily accepted her help as Arizona had just told them they needed to do anything to keep the parents happy. Still, she had no idea he was going to end it, which he did the second weekend in January - the footage we saw on the finale. However, April refused to have her baby tested, convinced he or she would turn out okay. However, that evening, when Eliza went to find Arizona, dating sites in the she was asleep on the couch.

However, Ron does not live with them and only visits when he wants money from Gwen. She's very competitive but does have a sense of self, so she doesn't need to win all the time. Arizona then decided to explain that sometimes she doesn't always make the right choice under pressure and that she was wrong. She told Arizona that Arizona promised to allow her to scrub in on the surgery on the night of the gala.

She then gave him some remarks about the prosthetic and he told her he'd do something about it. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Arizona handed over the mortgage slips to Callie, who snapped at her.

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Arizona was then found crying in her car by Richard. She confided she was nervous to start dating again and didn't know where to start. That day, she bonded with an old patient who found new love in a retirement home, and that man made her believe that she'd find love again.

While presenting the procedure to Tyler's parents, Arizona told the parents she was not worried a bit, clearly complimenthing Lauren's skills. After talking about it, the couple agreed to postpone their dream to have another baby until they're on more solid footing as a couple. The Australian force is sent in to raid and destroy the Ark, but after the death of Joel Regan, the Ark is under lock down and heavily armed, and shoots down a whole chopper full of soldiers.

Sasha plans a great drug robbery on Major Dee. After treating James to the best of his ability, he challenges him as to why he was there and why Obidin was killed. Later that day, Arizona met Alex in a supply room and they talked about her cheating.

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The hospital is sued and eventually found guilty of negligence. They later agreed to get drinks. She was furious, scolded him and yelled at him, saying that he could no longer represent the hospital.

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On Arizona's birthday, after a failed surprise party, Arizona told Callie she loved her, and Callie reciprocated her feelings. She apologized, but she wasn't ready to get sexy again. And is it really her fault if a guy she's in love with continues to pursue her, and wants her badly enough to pull this kind of stunt?

When everyone, including Callie, finds out who Penny actually is, they protest and try to get her off of the Grey Sloan Memorial residency line. Arizona also walked slower with her walking stick than other doctors, like Alex, who could still run. He then took a look at her left leg too and told her they needed her back in her department.

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  • Arizona made it clear to Leah that she and Callie were trying to repair their marriage and assured her that it didn't have to be awkward between the three of them.
  • She took two bottles of champagne and returned to the hospital to drink with Arizona.
  • Arizona tried to ask her out, but Charlotte mistook it as an invite for a follow-up.
  • Arizona took her to work and put her in the daycare for the day.
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She told him that she was fighting a losing battle. They discussed whether or not the hospital should settle, as they were risking bankruptcy all over again if the case was going to trial. All she had to do was stretch her wings and feel the air. After four days in the woods, Arizona and the others were taken to the hospital in Boise, where scans were taken of her leg. Arizona said that she got that Bailey kept on second guessing her as she liked and trusted Kenley, the perfect profile but she said that she was not the problem.

Annoyed, Callie confronted her, but the situation was made more awkward after she discovered that Arizona was on a date with a woman named Julie. Arizona confessed that she hadn't told Callie, as she wanted to be Callie's wife again after having been her patient for so long. Arizona had a moment of looking back on her life when she worked together with Alex on two equally sick twins and they had to decide which one would get the donor liver. Boswell was in a cab on her way to the airport, Callie outed Arizona as a cheater in front of everyone, embarrassing Arizona. Arizona then asked if their relationship was just a fling and it had run its course and Callie told her that it probably was.

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