Ooma hookup instructions, ooma telo quick start manual pdf download

Setting up your Ooma Telo Base Station

Creating a Three-Way Conference Call With active calls on both lines, simply press both line buttons simultaneously. Once your initial update is complete, your Ooma system will still update periodically to make sure you have access to the latest features and fixes. Simply deposit money into your account like you would for international calling.

Wait a few minutes for everything to boot up. During the boot up process this is normal but it should go away. There are a couple of setup configurations that have slightly different instructions, so make sure to review all of the available options before making a selection. Some of the links on this page may contain affiliate links and we may receive compensation if a purchase is made - at no cost to you.

The Quick Start Guide that came in the box with your Ooma Telo Base Station device includes comprehensive instructions that will help walk you through setting up your system. After you have completed the activation process, you may plug in your Ooma system following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. The company provides clear and concise instructions along with incredible support if you are having any troubleshooting issue. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Pick up the phone to and listen for the musical Ooma dialtone to confirm it is ready for calling.

Ooma Hub User Manual

It will take you through the process step-by-step. This will switch you to the incoming call and put the current call on hold. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here are a few print screens from my setup that may benefit you. Be sure that your ooma Hub and ooma Scout devices are all plugged into the same line with the same phone number.

The ooma Hub supports up to four ooma Scout devices. Select it, and click next Note the default pin, dating advice guys and click add Now your Ooma Bluetooth Adapter is connected to your Bluetooth device. Just keep the device connected and it will take care of loading the most recent version of software. How do I correct this problem? You made a wonderful choice that will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Ooma Office

For more information about getting started with your Ooma, you may want to review our article on the Ooma Telo Base Station basics. Congratulations and welcome to the Ooma family! Any phone that is not connected to an ooma device should be disconnected.

Your Internet or phone connection may be down. What do all these cables do? Once you get an ip address from the ooma device, then you should be able to ping setup. In order to setup the Ooma Bluetooth Adapter to either a cell phone or hands free device, portuguese dating site free then follow the three easy steps below.


Follow the prompts to get your Telo setup with your Wi-Fi connection. Page Installation Hub through your home phone wiring, and drawing upon its power and functionality. As I unboxed and demonstrated in the setup video, here are a few things you need first. Otherwise you may lose that number. The Ooma voicemail setup process is very simple and should only take a few minutes.

Additional equipment

Three Thrifty Guys

If you have misplaced your Quick Start Guide or you prefer to follow along online, you can find the most recent version available for download here. The instructions come with three easy steps. Page Button Layout If you are using the ooma system with a landline, you will hear the regular dialtone, not the ooma dial tone. Once finished the lights will stop blinking and the color will change to blue.

  • This is the cable that connects your modem to your computer or router.
  • Each additional phone you want to use with the ooma system must be connected to an ooma Scout.
  • Online activation is super simple and as long as you have a valid U.
  • When using the ooma system without a landline, you will not be able to dial unless your power and Internet connection are both working.
  • The clear ooma Tab, at the top left corner of the ooma Hub device, should light up red as it boots up.
Thrifty is as thrifty does

While the caller is recording a message, best you can pick up the phone at any time to talk to the caller. If it is set to this mode the logo will turn purple and all calls will automatically go to voicemail without ringing. Page Advanced Features The next message will automatically begin to play.

Installation Instructions

Ooma Telo Quick Start Manual

How do I get everything hooked up? You will not be able to make or receive calls until the problem is resolved i. In your directions you never instruct on connecting Ooma to the modem prior to trying to connect with setup.

Additional ooma Scout devices can be purchased online on the ooma website. You can initiate the return process by contacting a member of our Customer Care team. This article has been brought to you by our friends at Ooma. Any ideas on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

What do all these cables do

If you have more than one line, you will have either two-line splitters or dual-jack wall plates that allow you to connect to different phone numbers. Then, just navigate online to ooma. Still, you can easily access most of the functions of the Instant Second Line feature directly from your cordless phone.

  1. This can be done online in the ooma Lounge.
  2. These steps took about minutes to complete and I was well on my way to having wireless freedom with my Ooma.
  3. Plug the existing Ethernet cable into the port labeled Use the Ethernet cable provided and connect the port labeled Ethernet port of the modem.
  4. Once you reboot it, then you should be able to connect.
  5. Ooma Telo A revolutionary smart phone for your home that frees you from expensive home phone bills forever.
How to Setup the Ooma Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

Your next step will be plugging in your Ooma Telo Base Station system and getting it up and running. Page The Instant Second Line It is especially convenient when you are not near the ooma device, such as when you are using a cordless phone. This will take you through the setup process which includes setting up your pin for remote access to voicemails and recording a personal greeting. Once you deposit money you can initiate an international call by dialing before the number you are trying to call.

Setting up your Ooma Telo Base Station

This means that your Telo is not operational. Do I need to update my system? Thank you in advance, Frustrated non-techie. Try taking a moment to review the advanced setup and setup troubleshooting sections of the Ooma knowledgebase to see if your questions are addressed there. To make international calls you will either need a paid calling plan that includes international calling or will have to deposit prepaid credits into your MyOoma Account.

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