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But the explosion of online dating means that people are also looking for more personal attention to help them sort through that volume. Interested in a Romance Angel Card Reading? She is a wise, insightful, rune factory and intuitive coach. That creates commonality but no spark. Anytime you want me back I'm there!

After six months, he had dated several of my fix-ups, but he was still looking. She has helped me learn to believe, attract, and manifest love in all areas of my life. He recognizes the value of teaming up with a certified expert in the dating and matchmaking industry.

You need to change your lens. Working with her has been nothing short of magical. What is your strategy when it comes to making the Internet work for your clients? Sometimes the only thing holding you back from finding the right person is that your happiness is not in the form that you visualize. What makes you more successful?

One of the things that set her apart from most matchmakers is her newly single status. It needs to fit with who you really are and also express differentiation. God speed to all your listeners! Manifest Your Soulmate I s tr ongly believe th at everyone can meet th e love of th eir lives! Brad is very athletic and outdoorsy, so he heliskis with his dad and brother.

Peggy Bennett

Peggy made a seamless transition from one-on-one consultant for Fortune companies to powerhouse matchmaker running a boutique company. Psychology and Social Psychology-General. Using one-on-one coaching, she passes along guiding principles to falling in love. And that's who I am at a deep level and it's why I am a financial healer, it's why I'm doing the work I do in my financial healing practice and my life purpose.

Her corporate experience and natural networking abilities makes Straight to the Heart a fit for discerning executives and entrepreneurs. Read more Peggy Bennett is the founder of Straight to the Heart Matchmaking, an exclusive matchmaking agency based in Seattle. Straight to the Heart offers a variety of knowledgeable assistance for both in-person and online dating. He loves the enjoyment and efficiency of the process and thinks of us as his personal executive headhunter for his heart!

One male client with the initials A. Then at my college reunion, I met a woman with a single friend in New York. At one of the wedding ceremonies, the groom asked Peggy to stand up so he could recognize her as the one who introduced him to the love of his life.

Peggy Bennett, a Seattle native, started the matchmaking firm to help career-driven professionals get into lasting relationships. And it's all about financial healing and moving beyond your fears and moving beyond what is holding you back in life. Her goal is to help people live their best life, matchmaking so she tackles a range of issues that hit close to home.

Straight to the Heart - 1 location

You absolutely need to have a Facebook presence with just as good a photo as you would use on an online dating site. Education-Business Education. What I have found is our clients and members are loving it. Her talent for networking and matchmaking grew organically over time.

Straight to the Heart - Seattle A-List

  • Straight to the Heart gives daters a friendly and easy dating experience from start to finish.
  • She loves diving into deep conversations about dating strategies or self-improvement.
  • Some of us have tried our hand at amateur matchmaking, often with mixed success.
  • Peggy has a natural instinct and passion for interpersonal relationships, and for most of her adult life, she has been matching individuals up as a hobby.

If we're trying to win the war on cancer why are we ignoring the people who've won? Pat and all of her team for that. Then he flew out to Denver and spent the day with me. Your stories are inspiring!

Each Episode Taps Into the Heart of Relationships

She discusses everything from making intentions clear to listening to your intuition when counseling individuals and encouraging them to overcome dating obstacles. Now this seasoned dating expert has decided to expand her reach by hosting an informative podcast and offering individual coaching programs packed with dating advice. And obviously, having a personal brand crosses over to our professional lives, whether the goal is finding a job, developing new clients, or attracting investments to your start-up.

You need to have a cohesive online presence that promotes your personal brand and to make sure that your status updates are appropriate. Peggy has had a tremendous influence on the local dating culture in Seattle, but she has now taken strides to broaden her audience by hosting regular podcasts. Click here to change user. All the while, she was listening to endless stories from frustrated men and women who were highly successful in all aspects, except for when it came to finding love. We should be talking to them.

Her hands-on and personalized approach to local matchmaking appeals to busy professionals who want a shortcut to romance. What began as a hobby turned into a successful matchmaking company. The time-saving and confidence-boosting matchmaking packages open singles up to new opportunities and experiences. Pat and her wonderful team coming in April. So when it comes to love, we should sit around and look to the stars?

Together, they inspire and entertain, they teach and advise, and, most importantly, they give hope to everyone who listens in. In the next year or so, Peggy is planning to offer group coaching sessions so she can help more people feel less alone and manifest the love they deserve. Some singles just need someone to coach them through the tough times and advise them on their journey to true love. Peggy is right on the mark and truly gifted. The matchmaker goes into detail about her dating experience in her book she is currently writing.

Today, Peggy calls herself a Clarity Love Coach because she enlightens her clients on what they can do to attract the perfect match. Related Links Related Links. It was almost like we had been friends for years. What is an Angel Card Reading?

Now that's a great story for us and Dr. Hollywood films contribute to this notion of waiting to be in the right place at the right time. Is your long-term success rate better than the national average? How do you respond to those who find your proactive approach too contrived?

Straight to the Heart

Peggy Bennett

After the team has prepped their eligible bachelor to be his most charming self, they set up the date. They set up a mutually agreeable time to see the merchandise! Your book emphasizes the importance of marketing tactics in finding a mate, including the need for a personal brand. You offer small-group training workshops to those who are interested in getting into the matchmaking business. Events introduce singles in a series of mini-dates.

Over the past decade, Greenwald has also built a business as a matchmaker and dating coach to both sexes and has seen a resulting marriages. She is positive, intelligent, fun, active, and flirty who desires a relationship oriented man. The second I met her in person, speed dating atlanta reviews I instantly connected with her.

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  1. Peggy works intimately with bachelors to ready them for a premier dating experience.
  2. In fact, I recently trained someone from as far away as Australia.
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One of the matchmaking team members will pose as a platonic friend and help break the conversational ice in social settings. She encourages a no-hassle goodbye, which means no need to plan a second date, no more than a peck on the cheek, and no awkward lingering. She has a beautiful way of connecting with others that is very caring, empathetic and intuitive.

With a professional by your side, houma it becomes much easier to land a date in any scenario. Peggy is truly a gift to this world and a wonderful soul. She explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions.

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